Living in the border has made me a witnesses to the devastation of the individual that occurs today right in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, this phenomenon replicates along many borders. Immigrants are forced to escape the horror they live in their countries, having no other choice than to take this traumatic journey. People are stripped from their land, home, economy, identity, language, and most of them are left with no personal belongings to survive the basic human needs. Confronted with a population who feels threatened by them, immigrants stand alone and deprived from their human rights.

The contemporary still lives captured in this series speak of an ephemeral world that forces us to rediscover the journey of the migrant, a hero of our time trapped between two increasingly cruel worlds. The intention is to approach the intimacy of stories of migrants and we start this series with families from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Men, women and children who have experienced in their own flesh the hostility of a trip that apparently has no final destination. Their few possessions, which are often the only thing that connects them to the warmth of their origin, function as survival kits that keep them alive in threatening moments.

These photographs were taken on July and August 2019 on the border of Ciudad Juarez and El paso TX. It is necessary to put a spotlight to the dignity and resistance of these travelers, it is urgent that our society learns how to see, it is necessary to deactivate the discourses of hatred and racism. Very few dare to understand a new way of appreciating this type of resistance, resistance to survive.

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